How To Give A Compliment

A compliment is the act of verbally expressing sincere respect to another, either in their person, or in their ability, or in their position. Scripture is quite clear about this. Therefore:

~Show me a person who will not freely praise God, and I’ll show you a person who will not freely compliment others.
~ Show me a church who does not compliment their pastor, and I’ll show you a weary pastor.
~ Show me a supervisor who will not compliment his workers, and I’ll show you a company in trouble.
~ Show me a politician who will not compliment his constituents, and I’ll show you a candidate in trouble at the polls.
~ Show me a person who will not reward their animal, and I’ll show you an animal you cannot trust.
~ Show me a man who will not compliment his wife, and I’ll show you an unhappy wife.
~ Show me a wife who will not compliment her husband, and I’ll show you a struggling husband to return the favor.
~ Show me a person who compliments in order to receive praise, and I’ll show you a person soon without friends.
~ Show me youth who will not compliment their parents and elders, and I’ll show you youth hard at work building their own unhappiness.
~ Show me parents who will not compliment their own offspring, and I’ll show you offspring being taught to wound their own.
~ Show me the head of a home who never compliments, and I’ll show you a home turned on its head.
~ Show me a nation that refuses to honor God, and soon there will not be a nation there to show me.

Why are all of these statements true? It’s because their foundation sits squarely on the human ability to be selfish, or to be unselfish. It’s as simple as that. Selfishness always demands an in-flow of personal backslapping praise, while non-selfishness always requires an out-flow of sacrificial respect for others. Stated in brief, it is the old truth of James 3:10 of blessing and cursing coming from that same hole under our noses. Meaning, persons who will not humble themselves to give compliments is completely immersed in their own selfish pride, and instead expects that pride to be fed. Conversely, a person who does compliment is one who steps away from cursing by blessing others. The first instance we find true to our carnal nature; the second we find unnatural unless we purposely choose to reflect the love of God.

Giving is not a natural act with human depravity, which is totally grounded in selfishness. One can give, yes, but what for? A compliment is a gift, but Jesus pointed out that if we do “good,” or “lend,” (same as giving) for the purpose of receiving back in kind, then we are no better than sinners and enemies. Rather, we should give “hoping for nothing in return,” if we expect to be called God’s children (Luke 6:32-35). Frankly, if we go through life failing to give honor where honor is due, refusing to give praise to those we love, then Scripture itself calls into question our very loyalty to God Himself! It behooves us, then, to cease cursing by inflow, and begin blessing by outflow; to stop receiving and start giving, and this in obedience to God because it is simply the right thing to do, whether or not we even want to or feel like it. And if we buy the old John Wayne image of “It’s not my way,” we’d better dump that wimpy excuse and stand tall as Christian stalwarts.

Again, a true compliment is an unselfish act. Once delivered, it should be left alone, expecting no return of any kind. The Bible calls the giving of praise the fruit of our lips ( Heb. 13:15). It is a sacrifice of one’s self, and the expectation of a return is to retrieve the sacrifice from the altar and to consume it ourselves. All humanity is told, “In Him we live and move and have our being,” (Acts 17:28), that is, the air we breathe belongs to Him. Therefore, “Freely ye have received, freely give” (Matt. 10:8).

But some will surely say of the person to be complimented that there is nothing there worthy of compliment. This is ludicrous. The Hippie culture had only one song with even a grain of truth in it: “Everything is beautiful, in it’s own way.” Why? Because each person exists by the creative hand of our PERFECT God, even if they are born in sin. Try telling a Hitler’s mother she just gave birth to a murdering demon. On a milder note, a husband might compare his wife to a Hollywood super-model and decide in his warped mind that there’s nothing to compliment. Well, how about, “Honey, you must be a woman of pristine character to choose to marry the likes of me.” Or, if she is truly homely, try, “Sweetheart, you might not be the most beautiful woman in the world (which she already knows), but you are certainly the most beautiful woman in MY world.” If she isn’t, that man needs to stop negotiating with her and let God turn him right side out, since his own homeliness is a disgusting sight.

I suppose we should not be surprised at our present unthankful generations. After all, they were born and nourished in a society whose very music itself is a protest to common, quiet Christian decency. Music in one’s face is going to miss the heart. Shattering the eardrums deafens one to God’s “still, small voice.” Screaming and yelling chokes the “sincere milk of the Word.”

Certified barbarians graduate daily from our public schools and universities, diligently trained in godless evolutionary brainwash where Christian thought is banned—barbarians, because godlessness equals Freudian egoism of self-centeredness. This produces Hollywood sitcoms closely related to the sport of dog fighting, emulated in the viewers of such trash, all surfacing in children with firearms that turns schoolrooms into execution chambers. Even our welfare children grow fat on free delicacies, eat like royalty, wear designer jeans, afford expensive hairdos, own i-phones, are never denied, always receiving, never thankful, and instantly ready to curse anyone who dares withhold it from them. Such a society had better remember that God does indeed grow weary of such selfish, foolish people, and turns over those tables of delicacies and unfurls his dreaded whip. Many an affluent people have learned the hard way how to dig in the garbage heaps while in rags. Some of those were people claiming His name, but shaming His righteous standards.

Is it any wonder his Word tells us that in the last days would come a generation who were “unthankful,” and “unholy?” I must point out quite candidly, that anyone, Christian or not, contributing to such a spoiled, brattish society by denying them the Christian refinement of compliment will one day have to survive a social pig sty, and finally be hauled into God’s court of justice for such neglect. Therefore:

~ Show me a world who thumbs its nose at God, and I’ll show you the world described in The Book of Revelation.

So how does one give a compliment? Actually, there’s no long, complicated secret to it. All one has to do is open one’s mouth and let it go. But I must warn you in case you’re not ready for this: First you have to swallow that big wad of chewing gum called PRIDE! this!

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