Is God In Control? Part 1 of 3


Possibly the most used phrase in Christian circles today is, “God is in control.” No matter what awful thing happens, disaster, disease, war, tyranny, all such things, “God is in control” is shouted from the housetops by everyone from the least of laity to the height of scholarship.

Well, excuse me, but in the sense universally used, GOD IS NOT IN CONTROL! This article is intended to prove that fact.

Really now, is God in control? Well, depending on the usage, yes, but no. Because of that, if we’re going to say “God is in control,” then it behooves us to clarify what is meant, especially any Christians in positions of influence. Indiscriminate usage of it sends confusing signals into listening ears, saint and sinner. They rely on Christian leaders for what to think about God’s role in such inconsistencies of right and wrong.

Yes, God is most certainly and sovereignly in control of the Laws of Nature which He originally created and set to work in flawless order for all time. He ordained them that way. Only He alone can temporarily suspend those laws, and the times He has done it can be counted on your fingers without running out of fingers. What’s more, those laws are completely neutral in nature in regard to good and evil. They work just as well for despots such as Hitler, or an Abraham Lincoln. Fire will cook a pot of oatmeal, but it will also melt a whole city in a nuclear explosion. In every case, God’s laws of nature operate the same, no matter if it is used for good or evil. The hijackers of 911 skillfully employed it to bring down the Twin Towers in a slaughter of thousands of innocent people because God made certain His morally neutral law of gravity operated in absolute flawless manner. Fire heated the homes of America while Hitler incinerated over six million innocent Jewish people.

Now it doesn’t take a scientific genius or a great theologian to realize those obvious facts of nature. No, even an ignorant bum on the street corner is never heard to say, “Ho-hum, guess I’ll levitate today; I’m getting tired of sleeping on this concrete.” Why do we not see a religious order “prove” by Holy Writ that it is possible to levitate if they will only believe they can? Simple answer: There could be a large church of them making the claim, but anyone with eyes can plainly see that none of them are “floating” around in the church house. No, we all know about the laws of nature, even if we can’t even pronounce their names. We just know they have to be respected, or we pay the sad consequences. So what happens to a religious nut who leaps from a high-rise to prove his faith to levitate? Better ask him about it on the way down, because once he splatters the argument is over.

Oddly, we don’t even NEED Scripture to tell us to obey God’s laws of nature. Doesn’t matter anyhow. Even an atheist is forced to obey God’s laws of nature, or die. Just the act of living is absolute proof that these laws are ironclad for every human, belief in God or not. The factual essence of them is as much of who we are as the noses on our faces! We have to look cross-eyed to see our noses without a mirror, and one has to be a little cockeyed who examines God’s laws of nature to find out if they are real or not.

So what does this have to do with “God is in control,” you ask? EVERYTHING! You see, what we seem to overlook on purpose is yet another of God’s natural laws. Remember, God’s natural laws are set in stone to work flawlessly in neutral between good and evil. He guarantees it by His ordained providence. Like the others, this one God established from the beginning of creation, as secure and solid as gravity itself, if not more so. This one played THE major role in Hitler’s Germany, 911, Hurricane Katrina, and much more throughout history. God always maintains it in full working order, and will throughout all time. He’s not about to change it for anyone. And like the others, this one actually needs no Scripture to prove it’s existence, because it is always as real and present as light and gravity.

However, unlike the other natural laws, would you believe that large religious orders formed hundreds of years ago, and continue today, who have adopted and promote the ridiculous notion that they can suspend this law at will so it ceases to operate for them ever again? I’m not kidding! The thing is addictive, too. Multiplied millions have bought into this fictitious notion. Why? Because of the wonderful convenience it serves in not having to be bothered with it’s troublesome presence everyday of our lives.

Well, like gravity, though, God is always faithful to make absolutely certain the thing is in full operation all their lives, no matter what they choose to believe about it. It is just THERE! Yep, like gravity, light, heat, and perpetual motion, this one just goes right on being itself, forcing us to recognizing it, no matter what. Millions of folks go about claiming to “levitate” free of it, but not one among them, ever, floats away from it. Frankly, of all the examples demonstrating the lengths humanity will go to ditch having to deal with it’s grasp on us, this one takes the proverbial cake!

Think of the thousands of years humans have spent trying to figure out how to suspend the law of gravity. It is only within the last two centuries that we managed to come up with a fake of it: The balloon and the aero plane. But really, did we suspend the law of gravity? Nope. Not at all. We simply obeyed one law to temporarily override another. Trouble is, old gravity makes sure a deflated balloon crashes; an aircraft engine fails and down it comes, people and all, in a fireball. Suspend one of God’s natural laws? Come on! Let’s not be silly!

So what is that other natural law of God? So sorry; we are going to save that part for the next segment of this three-part article. If you haven’t figured it out, boy are you going to be surprised! this!

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