My Purpose

My purpose here is unapologetically Christian. I’ve been a Christian since April, 1955, and I have been a very blest man since that day. Oh, like everyone else I’ve had my share of life’s troubles, but words fail me to describe how having the Lord Jesus Christ in my life caused me to have a song deep in my soul through it all. Those who have Him that way know exactly what I’m talking about. I have a saying I have shared with my two daughters and their families many times: “It pays to serve God, and it also ‘pays’ not to.”

My prayer is that what I present will be a blessing to all visitors, not just Christians. Christian or not, every person walks life’s road individually just one day at a time. Truly, It’s Day By Day for every soul ever born. Whoever you may be as you read this, our souls are merely crossing paths in our own personal treks of life. Perhaps that crossing will add strength for your journey if you’re serving the Lord, or possibly inspire a change of direction if you’re not. I can assure you it would be worth it.

I must say, however, that what I write will be quite forthright. In these times it is common for bearers of the Gospel good news, pew to pulpit, to go along to get along, and even to compromise timeless Gospel truths so as not to offend. But the great Apostle Paul said the very cross representing our redemption was an “offense” (Gal. 5:11). Indeed, God the Father’s redemptive gift offends those Christians whose loose living offends the pristine purity of His spotless Lamb! The holiness preachers of yore knew that, as did all of the apostles and writers of the New Testament who boldly proclaimed it. Understandably, proclamation of that same Gospel today in our Christian society of liberal tolerance can be very costly.

But we should be reminded daily that Jesus did not mince words in telling us that the road to Heaven is not Broadway, but a very narrow way and “Few there be that find it” (Matt. 7:13,14). The indelible human truth there is this: Although that way is narrow, it is nevertheless quite obvious to see it. It’s just that few exercise the free choice to make the sacrifice, and so “find” the utter personal joy in walking that narrow path Day By Day.

And so I pray this prayer: Father, I beseech your blessings for this tiny island of words and images. Somehow cause them to find a place in the eyes and minds of it’s visitors. May they bless them, challenge them, and direct them in ways that would be pleasing to You. And may the words and images I share be acceptable and honorable in your sight, oh Lord, my strength and my redeemer. In Jesus name, Amen.